He wants less power for you, the voter

My opponent proposed giving the ARRL President and three vice-presidents a vote equal to those of elected board members. This would have the net effect of reducing the power of your director's vote, and ultimately your vote, by adding 1/3 more votes to the board. You can see the proposal here. Imagine that Congress passed a law one day adding more members of Congress, about 100 of them, appointed by Congress. What do you think would happen? These unelected members would have voting power to do what they want, and would not face the accountability to the electorate if they decide to do something bad. This is exactly what my opponent's motion would have effected in the ARRL board.

My opponent's justification? He claims that since they were elected already, they have been vetted by you. He actually made this laughable claim in his town hall webinar earlier in 2018. Apparently he needs to revisit elections 101, and how elections are not just a one time thing.

Will not face anyone who has an opposing viewpoint

Several clubs have called for a candidates' debate. I think this is a wonderful idea - where club members and ARRL members in general can ask questions of both candidates and compare answers. At least one other division is having not one, but TWO debates. In contrast, my opponent simply refuses to have any sort of debate with me. In meetings that I attend for the division for affiliated club business, he does not even acknowledge my presence. To me this speaks volumes. I would never back down from facing a competitive election, and not even a strong opponent. This is because I stand on the right side of the issues, and he does not, and he does not like opposing viewpoints.

Town hall - reactive, not proactive

My opponent claims that he held the "first ever division-wide town hall." What he neglected to tell you was that the town hall was largely a response to intense negative feedback from membership regarding his actions. For the prior 6 years that he was director, why didn't he have these town halls? You can listen to what he discussed. He spent half of it explaining away controversial, harmful actions and proposals that he made.

Fully believes in divide and conquer and negativity

At club meetings, he talks in rather unflattering terms of the fact that I have gain antennas and a tower, hoping to incite the membership and turn them against me. He also cites my involvement in contesting and DXing as "elitism." (he himself is a contester and DXer, and is even on DXCC honor roll!) I am honestly stunned that a sitting director would resort to such a divisive tactic. I would never resort to such a tactic, instead believing in unity for all radio amateurs. This election cycle, you have a choice - do you stick with negativity and divide and conquer, or do you go with a positive, helpful and friendly voice?

Was voted off the Executive Committee

My opponent boasts that he was a member of the Executive Committee in ARRL. He forgets to tell you that he was subsequently voted off the committee at the January, 2018 board meeting with only three (3) votes in favor, one of them surely his own. Coincidentally, this was when his controversial motion to reduce the power of your vote was being considered and was subsequently shot down. See for yourself, it's in page 5 of the minutes.

His proposals and those supported by him caused mass uproar from local clubs and individual hams

My opponent's proposals and actions were so unpopular that they caused an unprecedented uproar from local clubs and individual members. Many of these who wrote letters are stalwarts in the ham community. If they think something is wrong, then it probably is. I am a member of three of the listed clubs, and I can verify that the concern is indeed real. Read for yourself here.

Fast and loose with the facts

See the Myth busting section!

Fix it before it's too late!

This election cycle, you have an opportunity to change course by voting for new leadership. Bring back a member-driven, more friendly ARRL that listens to you. Dispense with the QRM, and bring back the hobby we all love. Let member representation thrive and let you be more fully involved in the decision making process. I would be honored to have your vote to go to Newington to bring ARRL back to Maxim's original vision.