Dear former ARRL member

I hear you.

I've talked to quite a few of you. You've gotten fed up to the point where you didn't renew. You felt that the league didn't represent you anymore. Maybe it was one incident, maybe it was a culmination of several things. You felt that you weren't listened to. You felt disenfranchised. I totally get it!

The good news

ARRL is a representative democracy. This means that anyone who has been a member for 4 years continuously can run to replace a division director. I am doing just that!

I want to reach out to you, to see how we can win you back. I believe that a stronger ARRL benefits all of Amateur radio. But first, I need to win, so I can return this board seat back to being the voice of the membership.

You must act

Please spread the word about my candidacy. Especially tell your friends who are ARRL members who live in Hudson Division (NNJ, ENY, NLI).

If you can, donate to help me get out the word and get out the vote. You can do so either securely online or send a check via mail. See the donation page for more info.

Consider rejoining to bring about change.

If your membership is current by September 10, you can vote and help bring me to the board room in Newington. And if we get this positive change going, I'm hoping you can rejoin the ARRL family to help bring it about and continue it.

Thank you.