Core governance issues


While it is true that the board meetings are not "secret meetings" there are issues with how business is communicated to members. As a league member (and now life member) I have not been satisfied with how my division has communicated with me regarding some of the proposals made. In fact, some of them have come as a complete surprise to me. Many of my fellow hams have also been quite surprised at some of the proposals coming out of Newington. This is simply unacceptable. Many hams have quite literally risked their lives for Amateur Radio. Many of us also believe believe in ARRL. Many have also spent a lot of money and invested their time to see this hobby thrive and survive.

As your director, I will:

  • Communicate regularly with members. I will hold regular town halls, and conduct surveys from membership. Expect to hear a LOT from me. This is a communications hobby, and you should be in regular contact.
  • I will especially communicate with you, the division member, in advance of taking any serious action. This especially pertains to actions that will be filed with the FCC. Let's face it - the FCC is required to be open, and all filings are public record. You deserve to hear from me, your director, rather than finding out by surprise.
  • Push for permanent amendment of the code of conduct, so it doesn't heavily restrict communication between your director and you. No director should face consequences for keeping their division membership properly informed.


I firmly believe that a director's seat doesn't belong to any one person. It belongs to the division membership. As such I will ensure that I am accountable to you, first and foremost.

As your director, I will:

  • Ensure that you are always in the loop with regard to league actions.
  • Always give you the opportunity to express your views with regard to ARRL business.
  • Always solicit your opinion before any action is taken.

Sound Governance

As your director I will always support these principles:

  • Member representation will be first and foremost.
  • I oppose any motions to dilute your vote. This means that I will never support any proposal that gives a permanent vote to someone not currently elected by you. Quite simply, if someone is appointed, they don't have to answer to the electorate, and have no consequences attached to their actions.
  • Members come first, always. ARRL is a member services and a member driven organization. We are not a generic non-profit organization.
  • The vice-director should be able to succeed the director in the event that she or he ceases to become director. The vice-director is elected by you. An appointee is not.
  • My line of communication will always be open. Furthermore, I will ensure that I always act in an honest, yet polite manner toward you, the division member.