Regulatory and legislative matters

Regulatory matters should be open

The FCC is open and transparent, by law. Amateur Radio itself is an open service. Therefore, ARRL matters regarding FCC proposals should be open and vetted to membership before they are approved by the board and filed with the FCC.

My pledge:

  • I will never approve and always oppose any proposal to the FCC or regulatory body by the ARRL without reasonable member notice and approval.
    • "Reasonable" means that the ARRL BoD must allow sufficient time for open debate by membership, feedback and independent review by subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • Proposals that are confirmed to be detrimental to the amateur radio service as a hobby and public service will not be approved by and will be opposed by me. This will be based on both member approval and independent review, as stated above. I am committed to putting the brakes on bad proposals before they hit any regulatory body, especially the FCC.
  • the same applies for any legislative action including lobbying before the US Congress or the respective State houses (Trenton NJ, Albany NY) in this division, or any division, or international bodies such as the ITU.

This is your league, and if we aren't involving you in this process, who are we serving? Ask yourself this, and think carefully. I want ARRL to serve you and be for the good of Amateur Radio. Personal gain and objectives will never be part of any decision making on my watch.

YOU the member are the most important stakeholder.

Other successful organizations have member buy-in

Other organizations, such as IEEE have member buy-in to this level. I propose to emulate them, because emulating success is good, and member buy-in is important.

A representative ARRL

Let's not forget - a representative ARRL still should have members at its focus. While I will make decisions on your behalf, they should always be in your best interest, and with your approval. Furthermore, subject matter experts' findings should be highly regarded and taken into account.

No "going along to get along."

I have always faced tough challenges and uphill battles. The path of least resistance is the path to failure. I pledge to do what is right, and properly represent the division and its diversity of opinions.