My mentoring plan

I have been a mentor since my earliest days in Amateur Radio. I taught licensing classes and also trained hams with the ARECC courses, as a mentor and examiner. I see the value of mentoring to bring hams to the league and back to the league. I propose:

  • A mentor match program, where you can be matched with a local club or mentoring group. It will be categorized appropriately to match interests
  • Consulting with ARRL volunteers and those in the community with the skills to design and execute a proper mentoring program. ARRL has proposed the lifetime learning site but it is sparse on details. I would like to transform it into a real mentoring program. There are many in the community who would be happy to teach a new generation of hams.
  • Cooperation with higher education. Through my higher education connections, I'd like to boost the support of college and university clubs, who can in turn mentor K-12.
  • Expansion of new media efforts such as YouTube and podcasts.
  • Development and of simple projects for hams to build and experiment, based on inexpensive Arduino and Raspberry Pi modules.
  • A trial, digital only membership for those starting out
  • A digital magazine for ham makers containing simpler projects, unlike what you'd find in QEX but rather, something the average ham can build.

A lot of these initiatives will be in cooperation with local clubs. Clubs hold the key to in-person mentoring and they are ready and eager to mentor the next generation of hams.