League Programs

League programs

League programs are an important function of the ARRL. I propose to modernize and innovate league programs, by tapping both staff and volunteer resources in ARRL. I've been one of the privileged few to hold responsibility for managing extremely high traffic websites (>1 billion page views per month). I also currently work in the fast-paced financial services IT world where time is literally money. I have been required to think on my feet and get things done at scale. It's my wheelhouse, and I'd like to bring that expertise to Newington.

  • I'd like to propose a technology modernization committee, and have them work on revamping ARRL operations with modern, standards based technology. In 2018 we should have technology that works for members. In the long run I believe this can save members' time and the league can save money. Some programs that are in need of a refresh include:
    • Logbook of The World
    • Life membership payments - in 2018, we somehow can't make quarterly payments online.
    • VEC - I would like to propose modernizing with electronic submission, electronic notification and a better process for running the VE system.
    • DXCC and awards branch - online DXCC can be confusing and archaic. I'd also like to see the card checker entry process moved online.
  • I'd like to investigate the possibility of ARRL/VEC offering lower cost or fee-free exams. At least one other VEC does this and ARRL is losing teams to them. I would like to get ARRL up to speed and get teams choosing ARRL/VEC as their VEC of choice.
  • I'd like to bring proper DXCC expertise to ARRL. As a holder of 9 band DXCC, challenge to 1500+ and other DX awards, as well as a former secretary and current committee member of the NJDXA, I would like to bring someone or a group who can supply Bill Moore's expertise. The awards branch does a good job currently but I feel that having active DXers in the awards branch is vital.
    • While we are at it, I'd like to see more authority returned to the DXAC and a new mandate given to them.
    • All DXAC and DXCC program actions must be done transparently and fairly.