My plan



League programs


Listening to the membership

I will listen to my constituents, and take into account their concerns when voting on or proposing any and all policy matters. My mission is to serve you, the Hudson division member. I will never take any decision without first consulting the membership in my division. All member input is valuable. I will treat this as a team effort, not an individual decision.

I will also listen to subject matter experts, who are knowledgeable in their respective fields. I'm not an expert at everything, but collectively we can tap the knowledge pool.

To be transparent in all league matters

I will push for greater transparency in all league matters. It is not fair to any member to learn about decisions after the fact, especially those that affect their enjoyment of the hobby.

To be fair and equitable to all

Amateur radio is not just one activity. There are several activities that fall under the umbrella. My pledge is to treat all of these equally and fairly. Whether it be public service and emergency communications, HF, VHF, UHF, contesting, DXing, homebrew, science and technical investigation, whatever it is, it will be treated absolutely fairly.

To be a tireless advocate for YOU

My commitment in this is to be a tireless advocate for you. Amateur radio is my hobby, but my duty as division director will be to serve you, the constituent. And to that end, your needs as a constituent come first.

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