How to help

Commit to vote

Ballots go out via U.S. Mail in September-October. As soon as you get your ballot, fill it out and mail it in.

Spread the word

Tell your friends in Hudson division. Explain to them why this election is important. Explain to them why we need forward thinking and a return to transparency. Explain to them why I am the right choice. Send them a link to this website. Encourage them to follow my social media pages.


It's no secret that my opponent will do his best to be re-elected. I need your help. You can help me make it past the finish line. Make a secure donation here:

You can mail a check (drawn on a US bank) to me as well, made out to "Ria Jairam":

Ria Jairam, N2RJ

PO Box 73

Sussex, NJ 07461-0073


Please note that I cannot accept any donations from amateur radio vendors and ARRL advertisers, as it may present a conflict of interest.

Sign to get me on the ballot

UPDATE: My petition has been received by ARRL HQ and officially approved by the Ethics and Elections Committee. I am no longer collecting signatures. I collected roughly 100 signatures, and could have gotten more, but I figured that I had enough :). You'll see me on the ballot this September/October. Thank you for your help!

Follow me on social media, find out where I am going to be next. I'll also have a mailing list setup, where you can be alerted to where I am. Invite me to your club meeting where you can sign as well. All signatures are pen and paper (this is not an electronic petition) on the official ARRL forms. You have to be an ARRL member and reside within the Hudson division for your signature to be valid.