ARRL Hudson

Division Director

Your advocate in Newington

for the future of Amateur Radio

Fresh ideas ~ Transparency ~ Sound governance

A strong, member-driven ARRL starts with the right leadership.

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Our league needs our help.

My fellow radio amateurs - our league is in crisis. Within the past few years we have seen an unprecedented move away from many of its core values, especially transparency, governance and accountability. We have seen proposals being made that would weaken the power of your director and ultimately your vote. We have seen our league spiraling down the path of being run like a business rather than a member services organization. We have seen the concerns of members and subject matter experts largely ignored in favor of political objectives. This cannot continue if we want our league to survive, and thrive.

Hudson Division is ground zero for these issues.

I've also seen good people who want to bring positive change to the league had their ideas dismissed. There is so much to do, and so much we can do. It starts with the right leadership. I firmly believe that I can bring that to the table. Hudson Division in particular can benefit from a positive change in Division leadership.

I love Amateur Radio with everything I have. I couldn't just sit on the sidelines anymore. I've decided to step up to fight to make things right.

But I can't do this alone, which is why I need your help. Are you with me?

A forward thinking, member-driven ARRL

A member-driven ARRL benefits us all. Furthermore, in 2018 many league programs can be brought into the modern era. Sadly, we've not seen a lot of movement in this direction. I want our league to grow and be vibrant. Electing me as your Division Director will be the first step, a huge step to bring your voice back into ARRL, and bring us fully into the 21st century and the ARRL's 2nd Century.

YOUR advocate in Newington - elect me to return ARRL to you!