We proudly support Ria, N2RJ for Hudson Division Director

Frank Fallon, N2FF - Retired Director of the ARRL Hudson Division and retired educator

Ted Rappaport, N9NB - David Lee/Ernst Weber Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and founding director of NYU Wireless.

Joe Taylor, K1JT - Nobel Prize Winner (Physics, 1993), Astrophysicist, Inventor of WSJT and Co-inventor of FT8

Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF - Past Hudson Division Director, past Hudson Division Vice-Director, President and Trustee, 10-70 Repeater Association, Bergen County deputy SKYWARN coordinator.

John Gagen, W2YR - Assistant Director, ARRL Hudson Division

Peter Dougherty, W2IRT - President, North Jersey DX Association

Rich Gelber, K2WR - Assistant Director, ARRL Hudson Division, Past President, NJDXA, Past President, YCCC, former Hudson Division CAC Representative.

Rob Fissel, KK2U -Trustee and Immediate Past President, Tri-County Radio Association

Walt Murphy, N2WM - Treasurer, repeater and hamfest chair, Sussex County Amateur Radio Club

George Sabbi, KC2GLG - NNJ ARES District Emergency Coordinator for SKYWARN, past ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator, past ARRL Hudson Division Assistant Director, webmaster and former editor of the Hudson Division Beacon newsletter.

John Fonseca, AC2SV - DEC, Essex County NJ

Charles Gallo, KG2V - Past ARES EC, Queens, NY

John Crovelli, W2GD - President, Frankford Radio Club, and former NNJ SCM

Bill Keller, W2RQ - Past NNJ Section Manager

Steve Ostrove, K2SO - Past NNJ Section Manager, VP and past President, Tri-County Radio Association, past SEC and DEC, NNJ.

Lowell "Van" Van't Slot, W2DLT - Vice-President, Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club

Dr. Barry Cohen, K2JV - Past President, New Providence Amateur Radio Club

Denis O'Brien, N2JJF - Vice-President, Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club

Bruce Lordi, N2XP - President, Split Rock Amateur Radio Association

Sid Markowitz, K2GG - Trustee, Split Rock Amateur Radio Association

Jay Rodaman, K2TTT - Past Treasurer Split Rock Amateur Radio Association

Joe Lynch, N6CL - Former Editor of CQ VHF magazine and VHF editor for CQ magazine, columnist for The Spectrum Monitor magazine, Former OK SM, first responder for the OKC bombing, ARRL Life member, ARRL VE

Bruce Perens, K6BP - One of the founders of the Open Source movement in software, an ARRL Diamond Club Platinum member; pioneer of embedded Linux and the modern Linux distribution, initiator of the Codec2 project and evangelist for Codec2 and FreeDV

Michelle Bradley, KU3N - Founder, REC Networks, owner FCCdata.org

Niece Haynes, KA1ULN - District 1 Chair, Young Ladies' Radio League (YLRL)

John Fontaine, N2NH

Tony Dimaggio , K2ONY

David Weingart, K2FI

Darrell Neron, AB2E

Sarah Wilson, N2EYX (WECA)

Tony Kazmkites, N2TK

Mike Gilmer, N2MG

Chris Roose, KE2A

Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club