About Ria, N2RJ

I'm good in QRZ (you may have even worked me)

Amateur Radio activities

I've been licensed since 1997, so I've been licensed almost 21 years. Time flies! Here are some highlights:

  • ARRL life member. ARRL member since 2001.
  • YLRL District 2 chair.
  • Public service - I have served for several years as a communicator for the NYC Marathon under the stewardship of Steve, W2ML (SK). I've held many hats, including helping the medical team and language interpreters. I am conversational in Spanish and fluent in English.
  • Emergency communications - I've been involved in communications for several disaster activations including the aftermath of 9/11. I've done everything from shelter duty to NCS. I've been an ARES AEC, CERT member and Skywarn spotter. I've also been a key participant in emergency drills with several agencies, including the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYC), OEM, and Passaic County (NJ) Sheriff's office.
  • Bureau sorter for the ARRL 2nd district QSL bureau.
  • Past Secretary of NJDXA, a 60 year old club with rich history. I brought many good changes to the organization in my tenure, including enhancing its digital and social media presence.
  • Current chair of the technology and media committe of NJDXA, to continue my work with enhancing NJDXA's media presence in the Internet space.
  • NNJ manager for the Frankford Radio Club (FRC), a premier radiosport (contest) club.
  • Activator for the 13 colonies special event - K2I New Jersey. True to the Amateur's code, the radio amateur is PATRIOTIC. As an American, I am proud to celebrate our country.
  • Current ARRL VE (since 2001), and former member of the Columbia University ARC VE team. Current LARC-VEC VE.
  • Speaker and mentor. I primarily present technical topics such as remote operation, software defined radio and digital modes. I try to make even the most complex topics easy to understand.
    • A few of my more recent speaking and mentoring engagements:
      • YLRL convention 2018, presentation and round table mentoring (DMR, DSTAR and Yaesu System Fusion)
      • Dayton Hamvention 2018 (Remote operation and SDR)
      • Ham Radio 2.0 with the Yasme foundation (WSJT modes)
      • Ham Radio University 2018 (SDR Forum)
      • Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club (SDR and YL involvement, see YouTube)
    • Online/on-air mentoring:
  • Advocate for youth in STEM and overall growth of the hobby.
  • International experience - past regional rep in TTARS, the IARU member society for Trinidad and Tobago
  • Member of BYLARA in the UK.
  • Licensed in three countries - US, UK, TT.

Professional qualifications

Professionally I've been involved in software engineering and IT administration for the better part of 20 years, a little more than half of that in management.

I have worked in the media industry in cable TV, broadcast TV and Internet media, and have broad knowledge and deep specialization in media technology and operations. If the ARRL is to survive it has to leverage its media coverage in the Internet 2.0 era. I am the ideal person to bring this to the league.

I am an electrical engineer by education, having attended NYU school of engineering in Brooklyn, NY. I've been called on to solve hard, nagging problems, and to bring results under stressful conditions. Whatever the problem is, I'll do my best to fix it! And if I can't do it on my own, I ask for help, and I listen to others.

I've also held a leadership position for the last 11 years, where I've had to make tough decisions while listening to and valuing my team's input. My role also involved planning of major projects, and interfacing with high layers of corporate governance, including C-level. It was quite the experience, and the experience gained will serve me well, if elected to the ARRL board.

Currently I am an Assistant Vice President (AVP) with a transatlantic banking group. I solve tough challenges for the banking industry and I'm eager to solve them for you, my fellow radio amateur.

Personal Experiences

I've lived in NY and NJ and in three of the five boroughs of NYC. I know what it's like as a city ham, a suburban ham and now out here in a semi-rural town I'm fortunate enough to live where I have space for antennas. I know the challenges many hams in Hudson Division face because I've lived and seen first hand those challenges. As a proud parent of three, I've also been a strong advocate for youth - Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, JOTA, as well as independent radio related youth endeavors.

I have also engaged in civic activism and I currently advocate for several causes that are dear to me including education and civil rights. I want to leave the world a better place for my children and all humankind. I know Government and politics, having successfully advocated for causes since I was age 12. I keep in constant touch with my local representatives on a variety of issues and have current working relationships with several lawmakers.

A willing elmer, and helping hand

The best thing about me? I am always there to help! I'm not afraid to go help a friend fix a broken antenna. I'm not afraid to help fix a Windows 10 update gone wrong (we've all been there). I'm not afraid to donate time and energy to help my fellow hams. I not only help, but show people how to do things. I am a patient and knowledgeable person who is well known to bring calm under pressure. And as your division director I will apply this embodiment of ham spirit toward league Governance.

A vast network

Through my radio and other activities I've developed a vast network of people who possess knowledge about nearly every aspect of Amateur Radio, and other matters. I can tap into this to bring expert level guidance on many issues.

Who I represent

Every licensed radio amateur, every member

I represent every radio amateur. Period. This is regardless of race, gender, national origin or anything else. In some countries, Amateur Radio operators are called radioaficionados, basically fans of radio. The word "Amateur" comes from "amare" or to love. We love radio and I'm one of Amateur Radio's biggest fans.

Embracing our differences

I do recognize the diversity in Amateur Radio and this is truly a globally diverse community. As a DXer and contester, DMR and DSTAR operator and generally as a radio amateur, I have many friends worldwide. My world view has become richer because of Amateur Radio. My work in YLRL has also helped me enrich the hobby for women, who are a growing and increasingly visible part of this hobby. I recognize every amateur as an equal.

Our common bond

Our common bond of radio keeps us strong and part of a global community. I want ARRL to work closely with foreign members, the IARU and IARU member societies to make ham radio better for all.